8 Simple Outdoor Exercises to Lose Weight and Abdominal Fats

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Are you one of those when summer is coming but you have little to no self-confidence to step onto the beach because of your abdominal fats? This article throws you 8 simple outdoor exercises to lose weight and abdominal fats, giving you confidence.
More and more people are going outdoors to exercises.
That is good, only if you know what to do outdoor.
What is even better is you only need 10-20 minutes instead of 2 long hours.
I hope you do understand that to lose maximum potential abdominal fats, you have to achieve a high metabolism response and muscle sculpting workout.
Here is how you do so: Tip: When doing these exercises, you should aim for almost no rest for maximum metabolism boosting.
  1. Do 50, 75 or 100-yard wind sprints
  2. Do hill sprints (if you have)
  3. Different push up variations
  4. Walking lunge variations
  5. Different body weight squat variations
  6. Squat jump, box jump or lunge jump variations.
  7. Pull ups intervals
  8. Mountain climbers on ground
From the above steps, you should see that all you need is the playground.
I would rotate these exercises and keep rest periods (10-20 seconds max).
With such intensity, you will definitely be maximizing your potential for fat burning hormonal response and metabolism boosting response.
If you do not believe this, why not invest just 10-20 minutes on these exercises and see the difference in yourself.
(Notice the Olympic athletes how defined their six pack abs are? And undetected fats?).
Besides that, breathing in fresh air gives u a stimulating effect & can relax your mind.
This is perfect after your day job.
To your abdominal fat loss success!
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