How To Hire A Ghostwriter On Elance

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As a ghostwriter, I'm not just a writer- I also edit pieces as well, and quite often I see that many of my jobs consist of rewriting pretty awful content.
Often these clients tell me what happened when I ask them about it: "I tried to hire a ghostwriter on Elance / oDesk / Guru".
While I'm certainly grateful for the bonus income these bad writers are more or less indirectly providing me, it hurts a bit when I see clients get ripped off when they hire a ghostwriter on these sites.
There is good, actual talent on these websites, but it's getting pushed down by the bad writers.
As a result, here is the ultimate tip that will help you hire a ghostwriter on one of these websites without getting burned: Pay Attention To Proposals, Samples, And Messages There can be no other tip higher than this one.
In fact, if you take nothing else away from this article about the best way to hire a ghostwriter, this should be what you take away.
As a ghostwriter and copywriter, the major part of my job is communication: as a result, when I put in proposals on outsourcing websites like Guru or Elance, I always ensure that I've taken the time to properly correct and format my proposals.
It's true that little mistakes slip through the cracks- I'm only human, and mistakes happen.
I can, however, guarantee that you will never receive any message like this from me: "yo saw ur proposal.
can give u 10 articles good price hire me 4 more details" That message is of abysmal quality, and if the writer can't even properly proofread and format their message then don't expect them to do the same for the work they send you! This is true also of proposals, samples, and basically any communication you receive during the bidding process: communication from the writer is expected to be representative of the work the writer is going to do for you.
If their messages or samples are low quality then the resulting content is going to be low quality as well! This is really the ultimate tip when you want to hire a ghostwriter.
Look at their content: if they can't even put the time in to correct their proposals, that speaks volumes about their dedication and work ethic.
Price comes secondary when you hire a ghostwriter: make sure the quality is there in all your prospective hires before you start price shopping between them!
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