The world's most pristine country, Iceland travel review

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Iceland "Central Plateau"
Vikings, volcanoes, hot springs, aurora, elves, Nordic mythology. The mention of Iceland will be reminiscent of these words, with an distant mystery. It sounds romantic in that cold country, it has a beautiful view of things can not side with, but also has a touching ancient legend.

Aspen Bi Erji Canyon

In 11th century, European missionaries came to Iceland. They have a wealth of Icelandic folk legends and stories and poems shock, they started quill on parchment record. In 1943, the Icelandic scholar finishing the manuscript and published in book form, the myth of the book a total of 35 poems called "Edda". "Icelandic Saga" in the myth and the motto reflects the national spirit of Iceland. Iceland recorded above the first precepts of clan society is, "Please listen to my advice, Mo family feud, peace to get along. Aggrieved Mo revenge, death was only the benefits." Icelandic people have never forgotten the advice of our ancestors. They clearly only remember Zuxun, forge ahead, in order to create a happy life.

Blue Lagoon

Iceland has more than 100 volcanoes, the "Arctic Fire Island", the name is known, there are volcanoes 200-300, 40 to 50 active volcanoes. The main volcanic volcano Lackey, China Granada Hills volcano, Katla volcano Haike La volcanoes and so on. Iceland almost the entire country are built on volcanic rock, most of the land can not be reclaimed, from 1963 to 1967 in the western coast of the volcanic activity formed a small island about 2.1 square kilometers. If the stars are the poor pearl, then spring is called "Tears of the Earth" is another beauty of human nature, the success of the metaphor. Iceland is the world's largest hot springs country, known as the "spell of the country." Island about 250 alkaline hot springs, the largest hot spring can produce 200 liters per second spring. Blue Lagoon is one of the world's most famous open-air hot spring. Approached it, you will trance, as if exhausted world where all of the blue. It is located between a black volcanic rock, because a large number of silicon lake deposits, year-round dark blue, then the name.

Spirit Falls

Southeast of Vatnajokull is Europe's largest glacier, an area of ??8300 square kilometers, second only to the Antarctic glaciers and the Greenland glaciers, so magnificent that it is the world's professional training ordinary tourists can not visit the largest glaciers. When the waterfall splashing drops of water filled the sky, formed round after round of mapping in the sun rainbow, when the lake glistening in the sunlight shining scales, where wildfowl play in the clear water, when a huge column of water ejected from the ground, and the distant snow-white snow side by side, walk in the edge of Ice and Fire, you will experience a quiet and shock from the bottom of my heart.

Icelanders believe that the wizard is the land of the "indigenous". They respect the spirit, safeguard their rights, and they live in harmony. This seems to be a detached rationality of modern civilization to accommodate. Icelanders hold his own in this and all of nature. Elves in Iceland has many agglomerations, like humans, they like to live in groups, especially with people like neighbors, with the popularity has been added to their energy. "This is a tradition rooted in the hearts of Icelanders, and all this and closely related to its natural landscape - including bad weather, over the rocks, and sparse population. The wizard is often described as similar to humans living in caves biological, a thousand years ago, only about seven million people in the Icelandic population to 80,000 people, living in the ice Wizard by imagination and the mountains, even in the desolate place, Icelanders felt that they have a companion.

Perhaps because that is where the world's purest air and water, or because Iceland is a mysterious country, Icelanders with a primitive fashion to meet with visitors from all corners of the world. Nature is probably not satisfied with a clean but slightly given a single color, romantic Icelanders will decorate the city's buildings with colorful, that distant island, is a white canvas in a beautiful frame rendering, colorful.
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