After You Game Her, You"ve Got To Game Her Friends

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If you approach a group of girls, it's always a good idea to talk to all of them at some point.
If you walk up to a group of girls, and only focus on the girl you're interested, it's sending a kind of bad message to the rest of them.
One good approach is to simply walk up to a group of girls, talk to all of them, and simply look for whoever's got the highest and most obvious signs of interest.
Going after this girl will almost always give you good results.
But what happens if you meet a girl at a bookstore or a coffees shop? How do you deal with her friends then? You've got to be extra careful.
See, here's what happens.
You see some girl all by her lonesome at the coffee shop.
You strike up a conversation, make her smile, get her number.
Easy, right? Except she's going to tell her friends.
If they're like normal people, they'll partly be happy, and partly be jealous.
After all, getting picked up at a coffee shop by a confident and kind guy is a pretty rare occurrence for most girls.
One way, at least subconsciously, to take away the pain of it not happening to them is to show that the guys a real jerk.
Even though they may be outwardly friendly, girls have an ultra-complicated method of communication.
They can look at you and smile, and say something horrible at the same time.
Only you won't realize it for a couple days.
So what do you do? In a way, you've got to "game" her friends as well.
No, don't try to create a four-way, but you've got to do more than just be polite.
You've got to convince them that having you as her boyfriend is also a benefit to them.
This way, they'll be less likely to diss you, consciously or unconsciously, when you're not around to defend yourself.
How do you "game" her friends? Treat them as you would a potentially important sales client.
Somebody whom you want to get to know, establish a relationship with, but not sleep with.
Think of them as those ladies at work who can either get you promoted, or get you fired.
The easiest way to do this is to become genuinely interested in them.
Just try and find some interesting things about them, and always bring up those things whenever you see them.
Forget about talking about yourself, just keep digging for things about themselves that they enjoy talking about.
This will not only keep the disses at a minimum, but it will also make you look much, much better in your girl's eyes.
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