How to Use Bookshelf Speakers for Your Main Speakers

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    • 1). Place the bookshelf speakers on heavy stands. It's best to choose the heaviest and least resonant speaker stands you can afford because it is their task to decouple the speaker from the floor.

    • 2). Align the bookshelf speakers with the main listening position. Sit in the "sweet spot," or the optimum location. Aim the bookshelf speakers at this location so only the front of the speaker is visible. This creates the proper imaging and sound stage required for believable music and movie reproduction.

    • 3). Set the bookshelf speakers to "Small" if they are being used with a home theater system (consult the receiver or processor's manual for specific steps to perform this task). This process redirects the low bass that the bookshelf speakers cannot reproduce to an outboard subwoofer.

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