How to Make a Tetris Game in "Little Big Planet"

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    • 1). Select the “Create” mode from the set of menu commands onscreen. Click on the pink square to bring up the main functions for level creation. Select the “Tool bag.” Select a basic object from the list of those provided onscreen. Place the object near the center of the screen for easy access.

    • 2). Select the “Corner Editor” tool. Place the tool that has replaced the cursor over a corner of the object. Press the button on the screen to remove the corner.

    • 3). Repeat this procedure, starting with a new object and using the “Corner Editor” tool, only deleting a different corner. Repeat this to delete a different corner on another two objects.

    • 4). Place the objects near the top of the screen. Select the “Tool Bag” icon and go to the second page of tools. Select “Basic Connectors” on the page, followed by the “String” connector. Touch the string tool that has replaced the cursor on one of the objects at the top of the screen. Click the object to set the end of the string on the object. Repeat this procedure at the bottom of the screen to set the other end of the string. Repeat this procedure with each of the other objects.

    • 5). Select the “Adjustment Name Effect Basic Settings.” Select “Timer.” Select an object and set the timer’s length to 10 seconds. Repeat this with every other object. Select the “Two-Way Switch.” Click on an object to set one point and then click on the bottom of the screen to set the second point.

    • 6). Exit the menu settings. Test the Tetris-like game effect you have created by running the level so that the blocks fall down from the top to the bottom.

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