How to Build a Grunt on "LEGO Halo"

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    • 1). Attach a square "1 by 1" piece to either side of a curved connecting piece, which will look like an old-fashioned telephone.

    • 2). Twist the studs around so they resemble diamonds rather than squares. These are the grunt's legs and feet.

    • 3). Attach a "1 by 1" circular piece with a claw to the bottom of one end of the"3 by 1" brick. Do the same thing with the other end of the brick.

    • 4). Push the "2 by 1" piece into the gap in the "3 by 1" brick. Twist the claw pieces around so they face the same direction as the protruding "2 by 1."

    • 5). Clip the L-shaped piece on the opposite side of the "2 by 1" piece.

    • 6). Connect a white "1 by 1" with a claw underneath the protruding section of the "2 by 1" piece.

    • 7). Clip the white claw onto the piece that looks like a telephone. You now have a body attached to the legs.

    • 8). Push a" 1 by 1" wedge brick on top of a "1 by 1" square piece with a "1 by 1" tube attached. The wedge should descend toward the tube.

    • 9). Stick the two "1 by 1" studs in either side of the tube.

    • 10

      Attach the bottom of the "1 by "1 square to the top of the L-shaped piece. Your grunt now has a head.

    • 11

      Push a "1 by 1" stud into the bottom of a "2 by 1" wedge.

    • 12

      Secure a "1 by 1" wedge to the top of the "2 by 1" wedge.

    • 13

      Push the bottom of the stud into the connector above the legs, on the opposite side of the body to the head. This last piece is the breathing apparatus.

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