3 Things To Consider When Repairing Your Home From Hurricane Damage

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When a person's home has been damaged by a hurricane, his or her first impulse is likely to begin cleanup right away. The floor, the walls, the electricity, and many prized possessions could be in disarray. Chances are the homeowner just wants the home back the way it was. However, few people realize how dangerous it is to attempt hurricane damage repair in a home without taking the proper precautions. The last thing a homeowner needs when his or her home is damaged is the added cost of a hospital bill! These tips can help in avoiding the dangers of prematurely attempting to repair and clean a hurricane-damaged home.

1. Breathing Risks

Hurricanes can flood a home with thousands of gallons of possibly polluted. Sewer drains can add to this flood and send waste water into nearby homes. Any chemicals around the home also mix with the water and are left to sit inside the home until the waters subside. Needless to say, this can create noxious and dangerous fumes that could be life-threatening. Not only are chemicals an issue, but sitting water is a breeding ground for mold and mildew spores, some strains of which are toxic and which trigger asthma or allergies. A professional should be called to assess the air quality of the home and clean up the rubble with a mask that can filter out toxic particles.

2. Structural Damage

The water from a hurricane also weakens drywall and rots wood. Homeowners are not able to assess how damaged a house's structure is, and run the risk of having part of the home collapse on them. A wall or weakened area of the roof can give in at any time if it is damaged in the right places. Because of this, it is best to contact a professional renovation company to remove building materials and start repairing damage. Renovators specialize in assessing how much shifting and removal a building can handle.

3. Utility Damage

Electricity and gas lines can easily get shifted or even broken by the force of a hurricane. A damaged home may have exposed electric lines with current flowing through them or a gas line displaced and leaking fumes into the air. Professional equipment can detect whether a gas leak is present and can also handle live electric cables.

Although rebuilding is a high priority, safety should be the first. Hurricane damage repair can be hazardous and even life-threatening in some cases. Homeowners in need of repairs and renovation after a devastating event like a hurricane can contact a professional renovator who will ensure that the repairs start quickly and safely.
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