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€Seventy percent of all lottery winners file for bankruptcy within three years of winning the lottery. Lincoln Journal 2006

Most of us networkers dream about the day we will have a massive downline and make six or seven figures a month or even in a year.

I personally know one individual who makes six figures a month and is in the health juice business. If you think you work hard you should follow this man around. His daily schedule is packed with helping his team of over three thousand.

He does get more referrals easier than you and I but only because he is easily recognizable and everyone who is interested wants to be on his team. He is a great guy and works long hours everyday.

My other friend I only know first hand through one of my old up lines. He makes several million a year and owns the company. His team is everybody who signs up. He also works long hours and deals with all kind of problems in the liquid drink arena.

These two individuals seem to manage their money well and have been doing this for several years.

Let's say you win the lottery and overnight are worth fifty million dollars. You headaches are just starting.

1. You try and remain anonymous but somehow your identity is leaked out to the press and suddenly you find a crowd of journalists camped out in your front yard.
2. You had planned on keeping your job until you could sort things out but now your boss and coworkers are mad because you are stealing a job from someone who is unemployed and you don't need to work.
3. After a few days passes and all of your relatives and some who claim to been related have asked to borrow money and you have to tell them no.
4. After a week or so passes you are served with a summons on a paternity suit for non payment of child support. Even though it is not true you have to hire a layer and fight the summons. This strains your marriage relationship and you start arguing about money.
5. You are forced to hire an accountant to prevent taxes from being extracted and then start making investment decisions on large sums of money that require financial masters to steer you in the right direction.
6. Last but not the least worry is the fact that seventy percent of lottery winners will declare bankruptcy.

Your dream just turned into a nightmare. You wife, kids, and family relationships have been strained and you probably will have to move.

Despite all of these horrors, we continue to play the lottery in hopes we will be in the thirty percent that succeeds.

Do we just give up and quit? No, absolutely not. We must, however, realize that true wealth is not measured in dollars but in character and integrity.

Always remember that money, riches, and fame are best earned and not given.
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