Level Up Fast In Cafe World- 3 Steps to Level Up Fast in Cafe World Now!

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Here's 3 steps to level up fast in Cafe World!

1) Learn how to get Cafe points fast.

So what's the best way to do that?

Although it's kinda expensive, you can just keep starting dishes, go through the preparation, then delete it.

Now rinse and repeat!

Realize that dishes that take less than 1 hour to make won't let you delete them, and also that some dishes let you get Cafe points faster than others.

For example, the 3 steps to make a Homestyle Pot Roast yields 60 Cafe points, which will make you level up fast in Cafe World!

On the flip side, something like Savory Stuffed Turkey is a little cheaper but only gives 15 Cafe points per dish.

2) Make lots of Cafe coins to fund your new idea.

The best way to do this is to have a consistent cooking schedule. Make sure you always have stuff to sell, but that you're also cooking stuff that give the most money for your time.

I recently made TONS of money when they offered the VIP dinner, which was free to make and gave 99 coins per serving!

Use the specials that are going on, and gifts from your friends are often very profitable too, so get them to help you.

3) Start cooking your tail off!

Cook, delete, cook, delete. That's the best way to level up fast in Cafe World- just make sure you have plenty of money to do it!

Want to Dominate Cafe World?

This Cafe World Strategy Guide helped me reach level 50 pretty quick, and I know it can help you as well. Check it out!

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