How to Make a Child's Hair Bow

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    • 1). Cut three lengths of 1/2-inch wide ribbon. The first should be long enough to cover the top of the barrette or to wrap around the top piece of an alligator clip; the second should be 3.5 inches, and the third 1.5 inches.

    • 2). Apply hot glue or fabric glue in a thin line down the back of the first piece of ribbon and stick it onto the top of the hair clip you are using to cover the clip. If you use an alligator clip, cover the entire top piece.

    • 3). Take the second piece of ribbon and curl it into a circle. Place a dot of glue on one short end and overlap the two short ends slightly to close the circle and seal it with the glue.

    • 4). Pinch the ribbon circle from Step 2 in the center to flatten it out into a bow shape. Place a dot of glue on the inside of the circle where your fingers pinch the circle together; hold it in place to secure the bow shape.

    • 5). Put a dot of glue on the underside of the bow shape you made in Step 4. Position one short end of the 1.5-inch ribbon against this dot, then wrap it up and around the bow and secure the other short end on the underside of the bow with a second dot of glue. This will make a wrapped band around the center of your bow.

    • 6). Apply a thin line of glue to the bottom of the bow you made and glue it on top of the covered hair clip.

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