7 Great Reasons to Exercise

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There are plenty of reasons to exercise and get in shape, but a generic "it's healthy" or "it's good for you" is not super motivating for most of us.
Here are seven specific reasons why exercise is great for you.
  1. You'll probably live longer.
    People who exercise live longer as several medical studies show.
    Even fat people who exercise (like me) tend to live longer.
  2. Exercise helps you sleep well.
    Have trouble getting a good night sleep? Try exercise.
  3. You'll have more energy.
    Although counter intuitive to coach potatoes, exercise actually increases energy levels.
    Yes, you may be temporarily tired after a workout, but as long as you're not overdoing it you'll increase your overall energy levels.
  4. You'll improve your balance, which is especially important as we age.
    Many senior citizens and others fall and injure themselves so balance is obviously important to health.
  5. Your immune system will improve and you'll be less likely to catch a cold or even the flu.
    Research shows moderate exercise strengthens our immune system.
  6. It's easier to quit smoking for people who exercise.
    Hopefully you don't smoke, but if you do, research has shown that those who exercise and quit smoking are more likely to succeed.
    After all, it's easy to quit but harder to remain smoke free.
  7. You'll probably feel better.
    Exercise always improves my overall mood, and not just immediately afterwards.
    Many people report similar effects.
It's hard to start exercising but easier to keep exercising once you've started.
Vague "it's good for you" reasons may not be motivating enough, so consider these seven concrete reasons why exercise is good for you!
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