Auto Insurance - 11 Tips For Better Auto Insurance Quotes

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There are plenty of ways to shop for and save on auto insurance.
The following tips could save you quite a bit of money.
Understand your coverage - you can learn about all of the different coverage options.
There are optional coverage's that you may or may not need depending on your situation.
Take an interest in your coverage and decide what is best for you.
2 Insure your car where your home and personal property is insured.
This multi line discount can account for savings of ten to twenty percent 3.
Insure all of the vehicles in the household under one policy.
Most companies offer a multi vehicle discount which accounts for further savings of ten to twenty percent on each vehicle.
Choose a higher deductible (if you can afford it if a claim occurs).
When getting quotes ask what the next, higher, deductible is and you could save five to ten percent.
Drive safe! Having an at-fault accident substantially increases your rates for up to six years after the accident.
Tickets increase your rates.
A speeding ticket every few years is not a big deal.
A major ticket or many small tickets in a short time really can increase your rates.
Reduce the distance you commute - the closer you live to work or school, the lower your rates will be.
Let your insurance company know if you take public transit instead of driving to work.
If you are a new driver take a driver training course.
Most insurers give you credit for extra years of experience because of driver training.
The automobile you drive impacts your rates but your driving experience and record matter more.
Shop around.
Get 3-4 different quotes.
When getting quotes, be sure to ask what coverage is recommended.
Decide what coverage you want to have and then ask for quotes on the same coverage from all of the sources you are requesting 11.
Understand the different ways to buy insurance (direct, through an agent, or through a broker).
The direct might save over buying through an agent or broker.
But will you get the same level of personal service as a local agent or broker would give.
Tips two, three and four alone can save you as much as half! Number five and six are extremely important.
Drivers with bad driving records can expect to pay as much as five to ten times more than those drivers with clean records.
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