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At the beginning of all the episodes in "Star Trek we heard Captain James T. Krk say, "Space, the final frontier!" Think of the vastness of space, how endless it is and where does it begin? Bhraman is like that; in fact the ancients called Brahman That. Everything is contained in it but it is not contaminated by anything. The ancients referred to this endless space as the ether of consciousness.
In the field of mind over matter, it is the subtle matter that is manipulated easily and not the dense molecular. Science refers to subtle energy fields as torsion fields that are actually responsive to consciousness. In ancient Vedic science, subtle energy is referred to as suksmabhutmas. As far as the Kali Yuga is concerned man is only familiar with gross energy. What man calls electricity is also gross energy. The subtle energies are what man is composed of in his five energy sheaths. From the divine plane to the earth plane man takes on a "body"; the lower the plane of descent the more dense and maya laden it becomes. Each of these kosas or sheaths is coupled with the word maya because it is the divine mother who "clothes" man.; ergo we have the annamaya kosa (body), pranamayakosa (etheric), manomayakosa(mental), Vignana (Intellectual)and finally the jnanamayakosa or wisdom sheath Because we are encased in maya we really cannot know reality in the true sense; that is, beyond prakriti or nature. When one goes beyond the gunas (three qualites of matter) then one is liberated and is known as a jiva mukta and is in the turiya (fourth) state beyond the three gunas or three qualities of matter-tamas, rajas and sattva.

In my previous article on "These Times" I mentioned energy burst from the galactic core, the ancients named Somvarta that came to us in a Fibonacci Series mode. This subspace energy flows to us in a spiral like a conch shell.1 Modern science, usually unaware of previous Golden Ages, refer to this universal "ether" as the Greeks called it Today scientist refer to it as zero point energy. Since Vedic scientist understood this better than we do today; it is not a digression to take a look at what they were talking about. Life flows from Sprit to matter or Purusha to Prakriti and at the sub-sub atomic levels there is an interchange. This interchange lifts matter up so to speak and forms a circle of life or mandala which they named Akshara.
From the infinite (spirit) to the infinitesimal (matter) at the smallest atomic point a particle receives energy from spirit and that particle is a bhutatma. So infinitesimally small is the bhutatma, it takes trillions of them to make up one electron. The beauty of this science is that these particles are conscious. The first law of occultism is that everything is conscious. This accounts for the miracles in Vedic lore like making arrows fly with a mantra.

George Green, the ufologist tells us that these craft respond to thought acting upon thought. This is nothing knew because the ancients on earth had vimanas or flying ships that would do the same. The universe was created by sound and responds to sound. The Tibetan Master, Dwhal Khul tells us that future fireman will put out fires with sound. The fundamental issue here is that space is conscious which probably accounts for the instantaneous transmission of thought whereas light travels at a constant of 186,000 mi/sec. If you remember reading Autobiography of a Yogi where Yogananda tells us of his paramaguru, the mahavatar Babaji, with just a recitation of a mantra, transported himself and his entire entourage to a mountain Himalayan retreat.

The winding and the unwinding of the DNA molecule gives rise to torsional forces which increase as cell division progresses. Scientist recently discovered that the enzyme topoisomerase helps release this torsion energy. All putative energy like the human aura is affected and modulated by consciousness. The universal Tao is comprised of twin forces both centrifugal (yin) and centripetal (yang). Like the kundalini, these forces cannot be seen but the spirallic forces as in DNA, galaxies, etc. comprise the connecting sequence of the "One thing to the Ten Thousand Things". The spirallic transmission from the Hunab Ku to our solar system during the Winter Solstice of 2012 will usher in new coding for a new world.

1. MYSTERIES: Ancient & Modern First Ed., Grafio, Sai. Sterling Publishers, (New Delhi)1997, pp.103-106.

"The Brahman which has been thus described is the same as the ether which is around us;

And the ether which is around us, is the same as the ether which is within us, And the ether which is within us,

That is the ether within the heart. That ether in the heart (as Brahman) is omnipresent and unchanging. He who knows this obtains omnipresent and und unchangeable happiness"

Khandogya Upanishad
III Ptanathaka 12 Kanda, 7-9

@copyright 2008
Sai Grafio
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