They Should Have Done Better: The Ten Most Overrated Beatles Songs

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A relative placed on her Christmas list the new album The Art of McCartney, which I quickly purchased for her.
Given that I am in a music store several times a week, it was the easiest gift I ever purchased.
Aside from the convenience of acquiring it, the album leaves me with mostly negative thoughts.
One glance at the titles of the songs on the back of the CD justifies my negativity.
I have always considered myself a huge fan of The Beatles, though I certainly see the faults in some of their songs.
Unfortunately, The Art of McCartney contains many of those flawed tunes, only covered by other artists.
All of The Beatles tracks on the album are among the Fab Four's best-known, many of which should never have even been included on any of their own albums, much less on a tribute album.
Five of the titles from The Art of McCartney make my list of the ten most overrated songs by The Beatles, which is compiled below.
"Yesterday" The tune has been covered more than any other song, in spite of trite lyrics like "I'm not half the man I used to be" and "It looks as though they're here to stay.
" "Here Comes the Sun" George Harrison had his biggest hit with the group on this Abbey Road track, even though its title is the most hackneyed metaphor in pop-rock history.
Earlier Harrison tunes like "Piggies" and "Savoy Trouble" are much more worthy of his talents.
"All You Need Is Love" The relentless series of "nothing you can...
that can't be...
" make this one of the Fab Four's most annoying songs, saved only by Paul singing "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah" as the song finally, thankfully, fades out.
"Twist and Shout" The harmonies sound good, but they are not nearly enough to hide the raucous, repetitive refrains.
"Something" Harrison throughout the song boasts of her intoxicating effect on him, only to then declare with very much doubt, "Will my love grow? I don't know, I don't know.
" "Let It Be" Its beautiful melody cannot hide the lack of words of wisdom in this enduring hit, which relies on the tired "light and shine" metaphor.
"Hello Goodbye" A lot of people have said yes, but I still say no to this single leading off side B of Magical Mystery Tour.
It wears out the rhymes for "Hello" before it even reaches verse two.
"The Long and Winding Road" Like the thoroughfare in its title, this song is way too long.
Navigating its excessive orchestration leaves even die-hard fans feeling a little car sick.
"Can't Buy Me Love" The theme lacks the originality of so much of The Beatles' best stuff, which includes songs that sort of contradict it, such as "Give Me Money (That's What I Want)" and "Baby You're a Rich Man.
" "Birthday" The sterling guitar intro promises a delicious song, only to have silly lyrics ruin any chance of a tasty be-candled cake.
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