Why Do We Care About The Oscars?

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Although statistics indicate that fewer people go out to the movies, and even those that do go rarely see all the movies nominated for the Academy Awards, the broadcast of these awards is almost always has one of the largest audiences, not only in this country, but around the world.
Invariably, the show is too long, somewhat boring for the most part, with little theatrical value.
The 2011 awards were no exception.
In fact, unlike some years, there was really very little suspense regarding the winners.
Almost all that won any category were widely predicted, and the speeches were far too long.
The attempt at having a "younger hipper" set of hosts, and the first co-ed pairing onstage simultaneously, did little to enhance the show's viewability.
Both hosts seemed like pleasant enough people, but seemed clumsy and often uncomfortable in this setting.
The pre-Awards show, that they refer to as the Red Carpet, was only interesting to someone who wants to gaze upon the outfits warn by the celebrities.
The inane interviews predominantly asked the same question about who designed the gowns, and added next to nothing to the viewer's experience other than a fashion show.
I was very grateful that my wife finally even had enough of the show, and "permitted" me to watch most of the second half of the N.
game between the Miami Heat and New York Knicks.
Fortunately, it turned out to be an exciting and fairly well played game, even if in today's professional sports world, it turns out to be about one teams millionaire superstars versus the others.
And, for a lifelong Knick fan, it was fun to watch the Knickerbockers go down to Miami and defeat the heralded Heat team! Of course, the moment the basketball game was over, I was forced to change the channel back to the Oscars, to endure more than an additional hour of tedium.
So, why are the Oscars so popular? After giving it some thought, I believe it is probably because it is the ultimate form of escapism, the reality show to "end" all reality shows! Some view the show as fans of the stars, some to view the expensive clothes worn, some to root for some sort of "wardrobe malfunction," and some to simply be able to discuss the show in their office at the water cooler the next day.
We really shouldn't be surprised that the Oscars broadcast is so popular.
After all, reality shows such as American Idol, Survivor, The Bachelor, game shows, etc.
, invariably end up near the top of the viewer ratings.
I suppose we can consider the Oscars a sort of non combat sport, although in Hollywood there is often plenty of "contact" and certainly melodrama.
I may not understand why the Oscars are so popular, but it appears to be a worldwide phenomena.
The glamor, or living vicariously, or hero worship, or just plain nothing else to do, contributes to make this popularity a reality!
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