How to Use a Welder to Fill a Hole in a Propane Tank

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    • 1). Open the valve on the tank fully to ensure any remaining propane that has not escaped through the punctured hole has evacuated the cylinder.

    • 2). Clean the site of the puncture of paint, dirt, grease or other contamination using an angle grinder. Clean 1 inch of metal around the perimeter of the puncture.

    • 3). Attach the black ground cable from your arc welder to a bare metal surface on the propane tank. Turn on the arc welding machine. Put on your protective face mask, gloves and apron.

    • 4). Fasten a welding rod into the electrode holder. Orient the tank so that the site of the puncture is facing upward.

    • 5). Strike an arc with the tip of the welding rod around the hole, then work the tip in a circular motion around the site of the puncture, allowing the weld puddle to fill the hole in the tank.

    • 6). Allow for the weld site to cool before touching, sanding or painting as you like.

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