What Is a Scooter Snorkel Safari?

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    • Scooter snorkel safaris, like land safaris, are long excursions that are meant to show snorkelers underwater landscapes and sea life.


    • Scooter snorkel safaris use diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs). Sometimes called sea scooters, DVPs are available in a variety of styles, but they all are meant to move snorkelers through the water with minimal exertion.


    • Scooter snorkel safaris are usually designed as guided tours led by experienced divers. The duration of scooter snorkel safaris varies. Most safaris range from one to four hours.


    • Scooter snorkel safaris can extend the amount of time a snorkeler spends in the water. Kicking as a form of propulsion through the water is almost completely eliminated, thereby conserving the snorkeler's energy. With extended times in the water, safaris can cover large areas.


    • Although scooter snorkel safaris cater to all ages and ability levels, water-safety procedures should be followed to prevent injury to snorkelers as well as the delicate underwater ecosystem.

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