NHS Resorts to Closing Hospitals Rather Than Improving Productivity

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In 1997 the Government spent nearly £37bn on the NHS, by 2008 this figure had increased to over £120bn without any matter of recognisable increase in productivity, efficiency or quality.
It leaves the country in a very dark place for the next government and many ask how they will turn spending around without falling into another recession.
Many financial analysts believe a top-heavy bureaucracy is to blame with the amount of hospital beds per manager rising from 12 in 1997 to just 4 in 2008.
At the beginning of the recession Labour vowed to protect the public sector but the increase in medical staff fell to 2% and an increase in managers rose to 10%.
Even with the increase in spending and hiring of staff, the NHS is still planning to close an number of A&E hospital units to cut spiralling outgoings, what some people would refer to as political suicide as the one thing which would really cause local outrage is taking away a hospital.
In fact some MPs for rival parties are beginning to use stories like this to their own advantage, for example Richard Merrin, Tory candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green stated; "If elected, a future Conservative Government will immediately stop the review of clinical services at the Whittington - including the A&E unit" NHS London are currently reviewing a selection of medical establishments such as A&E units, baby units and care homes which is being challenged by the conservative party arguing that it is based on false assumptions.
It is difficult to determine where the money to rescue the NHS will come from but in most peoples opinion closing hospital units is not the answer, especially when there is an abundance of diversity consultants, health and safety experts and financially questionable MPs to get rid of.
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