Text Based Mmorpg Games List

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    • Text-based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are also known as MUDs, Multi-User Dungeons. The first MUD was created by students at Essex University in 1979, and there are now literally hundreds of the games available online. Some require a fee to player while many others are free.

    Aardwolf MUD

    • "Aardwolf" is an online, text-based role playing game with a fantasy theme. Players select one of seventeen races and seven classes, each with their own advantages, weakness, and skill sets. Players with adequate resources are able to purchase private houses called manors with a private room and a public waiting room. The game supports a dynamic chat system that allows players a variety of options for communicating only with those they wish, ensuring that the global chat channel remains uncluttered compared to many other online games.

      In addition, players who are interested may use the in-game area building system to help contribute to the game world.

    Achaea: Dreams of Divine Lands

    • "Achaea" boasts a combat system that includes over a thousand abilities and spells as well as a range of in-game organizations run entirely by players. These organizations include assassins guilds, holy orders, and entire city-states with their own politics. There are fifteen classes and twelve races, and players which rise above the level of ninety-nine will have the option of becoming adopting the new race of Greater Dragon, which they may transform into at will.


    • Based on the stories of Terry Pratchett, the "DiscWorld" MUD has been up and running since its creation in 1991. Rather than gain skills by 'leveling up' like in a traditional RPG, characters in "Discworld" learn skills gradually though use. In addition, characters proficient in a skill can use the 'teach' action to teach other players about that skill. Players can own their own houses, which can be highly customized by the player purchasing furniture and appliances for it. It also boasts a sophisticated command parser that can understand even fairly complex commands such as "put the red bottle and the green ball in the black knapsack."


    • In addition to the normal combat and adventuring aspects, "Aetolia" boasts a significant merchant and trade skill system to allow players to earn money. Role play is heavily emphasized in the game, with consistent in-character dialog and actions often being rewarded by the game maintainers with positions of power and responsibility within the game world. The in game political system includes several tiers of posts open to players, from elected representatives within guilds and other organizations to the aristocracy appointed by administrators.

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