Can I Use a Corded XBox 360 Remote in My PS3?

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    • The XCM Cross Battle Adapter plugs directly into the USB of the PS3. You will need a wired Xbox 360 controller; a charge cable for a battery pack will not work.

    Effects of the XCM Cross Battle Adapter

    • Rapid fire is possible with the Cross Fire Adapter. Switches control the speed of the rapid fire. Another effect of the adapter is that you are able to switch the functions of the buttons and triggers of the controller. In order to do this, you have to press the "S" button. A LED will light up; all you have to do is press the button you want to map to a new button, then press the button or trigger you want it to be mapped to. At this point, there will be two buttons using the same function. To remedy this, repeat the steps but with the opposite button first.

    Reasons to use the XCM Cross Battle Adapter

    • The trigger button on an Xbox 360 is an actual trigger, so some gamers prefer the Xbox 360 controller. To these gamers, the ergonomic feel of the controller is superior to the PS3 button that uses shoulder buttons instead. Using a controller that is more comfortable may give players using the XCM Cross Battle Adapter an edge in online games.

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