Six Ways To Remove Foot Warts

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Foot warts can be very unpleasant to see especially when we are wearing our favorite sandals.
It can even steal from us the opportunity to wear elegant footwear just because we want to hide it.
But today, with the technology that we have, we shouldn't worry about these things anymore.
We have a lot of ways to get rid of warts.
We have cryosurgery, laser therapy, electrosurgery, use of salicylic acid, duct tape, or you can even have a home treatment of your warts.
In this article, we are going to explore each option and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these different kinds of procedures.
Cryosurgery - Cryo is a Greek word which means ice cold.
Cryosurgery is a type of surgery wherein the wart is emerged into a very low temperature.
Through the use of extreme cold, the wart and its tissues will be destroyed.
It is a minimally intensive procedure, thus the patient is at peace that no major complication will come after the surgery.
The cold temperature may get the foot numb but afterwards recovery would be very easy.
Electrosurgery - This kind of foot wart removal technique utilizes electricity to burn your growth.
During this procedure, the wart is touched by a needle and through the needle, the electricity will flow and burn or destroy the wart.
Laser therapy - this type of wart removal utilizes a high beam of light that is concentrated or focused into the wart.
Keep in mind that the first three ways on how to remove a wart are done only by experts.
Anesthesia is often used to temporarily block the sensation of pain.
This often threatens the patient.
The next three methods are non-surgical means of removing warts; let's find out which one is effective.
Salicylic acid - This substance is an over the counter solution.
Salicylic acid triggers the immune system to slough off the unnecessary wart.
It requires a little bit of time unlike the three surgical means that are mentioned above but it is effective too.
Before you can see the result, Salicylic acid needs to be administered for many weeks or months.
The downside of salicylic acid is that it can irritate your skin, so you should read the instructions and label carefully before using it.
Duct tape - The use of duct tape eliminates warts by the use of pumice stone and duct tape.
These two irritate your growth and so the immune system will find its way to get rid of your growth.
In this process, there is possible skin irritation too.
Home treatment for warts - The use of vinegar, garlic, and other ingredients that can be found in your own home.
There are different options that you can select from to eliminate warts.
You can go for the surgical techniques but there are still home remedies.
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