Egg Cups: The Boiled Egg's Metamorphosis

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Since the European olden days, egg holders have truly brought elegance and a new way of eating a boiled egg. For many who never quite encountered kitchen egg cups would often find themselves scratching for answers as to what that particular thing is for.

An American would surely do so but a European would gladly start munching the egg out from the cup with swift elegant movement without even spilling the yolk. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the egg cups set have been used to hold eggs, specifically boiled eggs in their shells, as they await their ultimate death of being eaten by people.

The amazing to way to eat an egg out of its shell is through the use of egg cups. A single egg is placed in a cup holder which is structurally made in the form and to cater the shape of an egg. Using a sharp knife, the top is being cut off through and through. The top is taken off and with a spoon, the egg is being scoop from top to bottom.

This style keeps the yolk from not spilling and saves you a lot from embarrassment. This particular traditional usage of egg cups kitchenware was popularly known in Europe and was traced to be practice since the olden times of kings and queen of most European countries. Now, it has travelled across America to spread its wonders and sprinkle some light of elegance and antiquity in a modern breakfast table.

Egg cups kitchenware is being sold in the market with different styles and designs. These include the vintage egg cups, white egg cups, novelty egg cups and fun egg cups all fit to entice your little angel's attention. In terms of material for these egg cups, each one represents an epitome of title for a particular egg cup. Take for example those made of glass. A glass material egg cup is an attractive serving ware that comes with colorful silicone rests to hold the eggs safely.

The porcelain ones, on the other hand, give an aesthetic and elegant look. Some models are being sold in the market that comes along with a plate. These cups are actually hand painted to give it an exquisite finish. The egg cups set made of chrome wire usually take a spiral shape. The fun egg cups made out of melamine do come with attractive colors plus stackable bases that can be placed one above the other to mimic a tower. Last but not the least, the stainless steel cups which are quite handy as they are easily being cleaned and is proven to be durable. To ensure portion control and in creating a perfect poached egg, this material is often used.

When buying kitchen egg cups from the market it is good to know common tips to keep you focus on the task. As you eye for that perfect porcelain egg cups kitchenware, make sure they are dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe. As for handmade or hand painted cups, they are quite incredible to make as useful and lovely gifts. If you have trouble handling one egg at a time, it is practical to buy double egg cup designs. Lastly, try to select a non-slip, non-stick cup set that should ideally serve boiled eggs to your cute little children. Such egg cups are known to cater one to easily eat eggs and these cups are usually heat resistant.

If you would take some time to look at each egg cup and scrutinize their every function, you'll certainly get to appreciate the long kept European tradition of elegance and chick way of eating an egg. But of course, adding a little American twist to your tableware is not such a bad idea at all. So, to you, ordinary and boring boiled egg, good riddance and hello to you wacky and fun egg cups of the modern century!
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