So you want to become a Fashion Publicist

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When you think of a career in fashion or public relations you may think of glitz and glamour, but there is a lot more that goes into working in the exciting field of fashion PR. Find out just what it takes to stick it in the world of fashion!

What are the Responsibilities of a Fashion Publicist?

It is a publicist's job to maintain or create a positive image for their client to be viewed by the public. A fashion publicist must think of creative ways to keep their clients in the public eye and reach their clients target audience. This can be done by writing press releases, holding media conferences, distributing client news to local television stations, radio stations, and newspapers. Since it is the publicist job to creatively keep their clients in the spotlight, it is important for them to stay on top of any changes in social, economic, and political changes. It is also important to maintain good relationships with all media outlets, because it is a publicist job to communicate with the media whenever their clients are in a crisis or are in need of positive publicity.

What is required to become a Fashion Publicist?

If you would like to break into the public relations aspect of fashion, you must first acquire a four year degree from an accredited college or university.  Your degree should be in public relations or a related field, with course work in fashion or journalism.

Either during or after you have earned your degree, you should try to gain experience in the field before looking for a full-time professional job. The best way to get the experience you may need would be to work as an intern at either a fashion publication or another media outlet. This will teach you how to communicate with the media and you will be able to experience how a public relations campaign is properly executed.

What are the Perks that come with becoming a Fashion Publicist?

Working as a fashion publicist is a perk in itself, because it's such a unique, exciting, and always changing profession that most people never get to experience in their chosen fields. Publicists also are given the opportunities to network and mingle with a wide range of different professionals. Another last perk is the potential to bring in a high income.

Although becoming a fashion publicist sounds like a dream job it is no cake walk. It takes a lot of work, and competition to successfully make it in any area of the fashion world. So, work hard, stay focused, and maybe one day you will be working New York's very own fashion week!
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