How to Remove a Program That Won't Uninstall

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    • 1). Make sure the program isn't running when trying to uninstall it. Close the program, then press the "CTRL," "ALT" and "DELETE" buttons and see if the program is running in the background.

    • 2). Run the uninstaller software that comes with the program. Not all programs have an uninstaller, but if yours does run the uninstaller before trying any other method. If you can't find an uninstaller in your programs, see if there's one on the software's installation disk.

    • 3). Use the "Add or Remove Programs" software. This can be found under the "Start" menu in the "Control Panel." Find the program in the list and click the "Remove" button.

    • 4). Manually delete the program files. Search for the program on your computer by clicking "Start" and "Search." Type the name of the program and drag and files related to it into the trash. You might need to restart the computer in safe mode in order to delete every file.

    • 5). Download an uninstaller program. Programs such as Perfect Uninstaller and Total Uninstall will get rid of stubborn programs on a computer.

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