How to Set Up a Home Photo Studio

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    • 1). Pick a room where you would set up your studio. It should be at least 8 feet wide, 12 feet long and 8 feet high. This is usually enough space to take individual shots and small group photos. This space can be your living room, guest room, garage or basement room.

    • 2). Use existing light coming from a window in the room for "window light photography." Reflector boards are used to "bounce" more light to the subject when using window light. The advantage of this is that you get to use natural lighting without any cost. The disadvantage is that you are limited to take pictures only during specific time periods when enough light intensity comes from the window .

    • 3). If you intend to use strobe lights over existing light, block the light from the window using thick drapes to prevent natural light in the room from mixing with artificial light from your flash strobe. This will also give you complete control in positioning your light to its desired intensity.

    • 4). Hang your backgrounds on the wall using pins or a hanging rod. A plain white and a plain black background are essential. You can also create your own "artistic" backgrounds by painting or dying plain-colored fabrics. Assorted backgrounds can be ordered on the Internet.

    • 5). Set up at least three lights, commonly called a light kit, for your home studio: the main light, the fill-in light and the back light. Place the main light and fill-in light on opposite sides across the room, about six feet from your subject. The back light should light the background from about four feet. Take test shots, and adjust your lighting positions to your desired effects. Always mount your SLR camera on a tripod to produce sharply focused photos.

    • 6). Collect posing furniture and props gradually. You should have a few sitting stools and kids' toys, such as teddy bears and dolls, to start with. Later, add new posing furniture and props to increase variety in your pictures.

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