Honduras and its important places

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Hondurasis a country which is filled with beauties of nature which includes some of the best beaches, lush green jungles, clear water and high mountains. The country is famous for its travel destinations and many attractions and in addition provides good opportunities for business. The country has a "tax free zone" in Sula which makes the possible entry of the.

The placesoverseas companies in order to manufacture products at reasonable rates. The central location ofHondurasconsists of ports in San Lorenzo and Puerto Cortes which makes the entry possible between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans which eventually helps in the supply of the merchandise in Honduras


• This is the largest of the Honduras bay islands which is located between the other two famous islands of Utila and Guanaja. The Island of Roaton was known by the name of Ruatan and Rattan in the past.

This island is ideal for those people who love to spend their vacations near the beach. There are numerous beaches on almost every part of the island. The famous beaches on this island are the West End and West Bay.

The island of Roaton is very easy to access as it has just one main road which takes you to all the places.


This is an archaeological site which is located in the Copan department lying on the west side of Honduras.

• The Maya site of Copan is one of the famous and important sites of the Mayan civilization. The Mayan city of Copan as of today consists of a complex of ruins with many other complexes covering it.

• The main complex of Copan consists of five important plazas. The first one is the Ceremonial Plaza which has a beautiful stadium comprising of well sculpted structures.The Hieroglyphic Stairway Plaza contains a monumental stairway in the eastern end which is one of the greatest creations of the Mayan Culture.


Utila is the smallest of the bay islands of Honduras.

•Utila is famous all over the world for its scuba diving. This is perhaps the cheapest place to get your certification in scuba diving.

San Pedro Sula

This is one of the cities in Honduras which is located on the northwest corner of the country.Inspite of being an important city of Honduras, San Pedro Sulais considered to be on most violent cities in the world.

The record for last year shows that on an average 20 people were murdered on a daily basis which is much more compared to countries like Venezuela, United States and the United Kingdom.

San Pedro Sulais also the commercial and manufacturing hub of Honduras .The t-shirts and boxer shorts are the popular items which are exported in a large scale. The streets of the city are mostly calm and quite as there is very little movement. The morning newspaper highlights the crime stories of the last day and very few cars in the city have number plates.

These are some of the most important places of Honduras.
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