Crazy Trampoline Games

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      Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes and can offer hours of back yard entertainment. People love to see how high they can jump. Trampolines are also a great form of exercise for children and adults, and can be used to play crazy games that are challenging to people of all sizes and ability level. Adults should supervise children carefully while they play these games to make sure nobody gets hurts.

    Crack the Egg

    • Crack the Egg is a game that involves many players jumping simultaneously on a large trampoline. The players pick someone to be the egg, who must hug his knees to his chest and stay in this position in the middle of the trampoline. The other players bounce around the egg and try to make him let go of his legs. They can't touch the egg at any point. Once the egg lets go of his legs, he has to get off the trampoline and touch a "safe" area before getting tagged. If successful, he gets to choose the next egg. If he is tagged, he is out of the game and the tagging player gets to choose the next egg. The last player left wins. Players will be challenged to jump on the trampoline as hard as they can to "crack" the egg. Another big challenge will be getting off the trampoline as quickly as possible.

    Add On

    • Trampolines boost jumping abilities, making them perfect for children to perform exciting tricks. In Add On, players sit along the edge of the trampoline. One player gets on the trampoline and performs a simple trick, such as jumping in the air and doing the splits. The next player gets on and does the previous player's trick and adds a new one, like a flip or a spin. Play continues with each player performing the previous tricks and adding a new one. If a player forgets a trick or the correct order, he is out of the game. It will be a major challenge to remember the order of the tricks as well as having the physical ability to perform them. Players get a pass on performing a trick if they cannot physically do so. They shouldn't be pushed to do a difficult trick as this may cause injury.

    Attack the Castle

    • Attack and defense games such as Attack the Castle can create a spirit of competition. Monitor this game closely to announce a winner and avoid any arguments between the players. Divide the players evenly and give each team the same number of foam balls. The defending team stays on the trampoline---which is the castle---and tries to throw all the balls off the trampoline while the attacking team tries to get all the balls on the trampoline. The first team to achieve its goal wins. The teams can switch places and play again. The fast pace of play will be a major challenge to the players. Depending on how well each team plays in a round, the game can be over in a matter of seconds or several minutes, creating different strategy opportunities in each round.

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