How to Grow Cucumbers in Buckets

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    • 1). Find plastic containers which hold a minimum of 5 gallons of material. This is the smallest container usable for cumbers grown in buckets.

    • 2). Drill 6 to 8 holes along the bottom sides of your container about an inch above the bottom.

    • 3). Place a single layer of small pebbles or packing peanuts on the bottom of the container, covering the bottom.

    • 4). Cover the pebbles with loose coarse dirt up to about 3 inches from the top of the container.

    • 5). Cut a section of wire screen the diameter of the container and 4½ feet high. Put the screen in the center of the soil 6 inches deep, leaving 4 feet above the container.

    • 6). Take the package of cucumber seeds and begin planting the seeds. Each container can only hold four seeds as the cucumbers will need room to grow. Plant the seeds two per side of the wire, making sure seeds on the same side of the wire mesh are at least 3 inches apart.

    • 7). Water the plants once per week unless it rains. In case of rain, do not water the plants, as they will rot from over watering. Use a watering can to provide a good consistent damping effect like rainwater.

    • 8). Weed out the soil as time passes because the roots will need plenty of room to spread and will take up most of the container.

    • 9). Wait for the plants to reach about 2 inches in height, then begin winding the runners up into the screen. The plants will grow up the screen, thus keeping the cucumbers out of the dirt and allowing for easier picking.

    • 10

      Pick the cucumbers as they turn medium green in color. Do not let them ripen on the vine, as this will affect flavor and texture as well as slow the plant growth.

    • 11

      Continuing to pick the cucumbers as they mature will allow the plant to grow new cucumbers in the place of the previously picked vegetables.

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