The Easier, Faster, and Permanent Modality to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Prosperity

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I have attended expensive seminars by the likes of T.
Harv Ecker and Anthony Robbins.
Like you, I read many self-improvement books.
With discipline and diligence many of us tried visualizations, affirmations, snapping our wrists with rubber bands, hypnosis, pros and cons lists to increase pain on our delimiting beliefs and pleasure for beliefs we desire to write onto our subconscious mind.
These are all O.
but they are highly ineffective, takes along time, and does not produce any lasting effect in the masses, including me and you.
Thank god for blessing us with a more efficient, easier and permanent solution.
Another major reason why the above techniques are ineffective is they do not make changes (removal of negative beliefs or imprinting positive ones) on all four belief levels.
Our first belief level is the core or present life level.
In this level all that we experience from conception to our present day are in the subconscious, in the frontal lobe of the brain.
Second is the genetic level: all seven past generations are carried on this level.
To make changes at this level Theta Healing changed the DNA in the Pineal Gland.
It was once thought the hypothalamus is the body's central controlled station; this is no longer correct.
In addition to being the central regulatory unit for the body, it is also believed that the soul physically resides in the master cells of the Pineal gland.
The third level is the history level.
Here memories and beliefs from past lives and other times are stored here, in the body's aura, behind the head and neck.
The soul level contains memories that deeply impacted us and is stored in the energy field of the heart chakra.
Theta Healing changes beliefs on all four levels and from all cells of the body.
Through a digging process, bottom or major negative beliefs are found, removed and cancelled and positive beliefs are imprinted.
The process is simple, highly effective and easy.
I pray and god heal.
A session can be done over the phone and usually lasts from 30 minutes to one hour.
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