How to Make Money With Wordpress - Simple Steps to Building a Big Buck Blog

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One of the most common questions we seem to get these days is how to make money with Wordpress.
The simple truth is that there are LOTS of ways to make money with a blog, and in my view, if you are going to build one, you BEST build it with Wordpress! Why? Well...
it's free, it can be very customized and MOST importantly, for tech dummies like me I can build a whole network of white hat, popular niche sites in an afternoon.
(and do often) Let's take a look at some other ways you can use Wordpress to amp UP your income in a hurry.
Auto Updating Data Feed Blogs: Fewer than one half of one percent of the online marketers I know have even the first foggiest clue about how to do this, but you can use very simply and FREE aggregation plug ins, in combination with data feeds to turn your blog into an autopilot cash machine.
Some of the recent affiliate networks (Pepperjam) have released even EASIER ways to integrate the data feed side of the street, making this a pretty easy solution to implement for anybody.
My recommendation? Add your OWN unique articles, press releases and incoming links to one of these and you'll find an amazing amount of free traffic is FAR easier than you think.
Dedicated "thick" Affiliate Blogs: I've built many of these and they are fun, easy and profitable to boot.
Plug in ONE high converting affiliate offer, create a bunch of unique content and wrap it in a killer magazine style, or premium template.
These LOOK great, look professional and convert great to boot.
For links, again, press releases, human edited directories, and article submissions until your fingers hurt and your eyes swell.
Not pretty...
but your bank account will look FAR better, and these days, that is a VERY nice thing!
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