How to Convert an Input to String in MATLAB

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    • 1). Decide what you want the name of your string to be. In MATLAB, this name can be any collection of letters, numbers, and underscores as long as the name begins with a letter. For example, you might call the variable user_name1.

    • 2). Use the input function to prompt the user for the desired input. This function prompts the user with text of your choice and states that the expected variable type is a string. For example, a request for the user's name would have the following form: input('Please enter your name: ', 's').

    • 3). Store the user's input into the string variable name you selected. The complete command line will have the following form: user_name1 = input('Please enter your name: ', 's').

    • 4). Reference the variable name to retrieve or display the user's input.

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