Mysore Attractions: Mysore’s Magical Attractions

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Mysore is often overshadowed in the tourism department by some of India's finest and most renowned cities like Calcutta, Bombay and Delhi. Nevertheless, the town of Mysore is one of the most beautiful in India, and deserves to be one of the tourist favourites of India.

Regarded as the cleanest city in southern India, and the second cleanest in the entire country, Mysore will capture the hearts of visitors from the very beginning. There are an enormous array of sites that tourists need to experience while visiting the city of Mysore.

Getting into the city can now be done by air, but before this year, there was no air service directly to Mysore. Bangalore Airport is also close by, but trains and buses from the airport are the way to get to the city of Mysore the quickest. There are is an awesome amount of attractions that entice travellers on a regular basis. With so much sightseeing available, it is important that visitors choose one of the comfortable Mysore hotels.

The most visited site in the city is the phenomenal Mysore Palace. This spectacular structure is the forefront of Mysore's tourism industry. It is best to see this structure on national Indian holidays, as the local council has the building lit up by thousands of light bulbs. Quite amazing!

The Mysore Zoo is a popular attraction among families and individual travellers. It began operations in 1892, therefore currently stands as one of the oldest zoos on the planet. But don't let this fool you into thinking it is outdated. It is actually quite modern, and the animals seem to be treated quite well from an onlookers' perspective.

Inside the city there lays a beautiful lake called Kranji Kere. While sightseeing the city, why not take a break from the hustle of life and take a boat ride around the lake. There is a wonderful array of birdlife reside around the lake, which add to its natural ambiance.

If peacefulness in a large city is what visitors are after, then that is what they will find at Datta Peetham. The gardens within this attraction will take visitors to a far away place, while a tour guide takes you around the complex. The complete name of this landmark is Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Avadhoota Data Peethama.

If art is more to your liking, then the former palace, known as Jagmohan Palace, is now a place of art for local and some international artists. The art collection in the palace was created by some of the most renowned Indian artists in the area. Jagmohan Palace offers a quiet place to enjoy some artwork while relaxing.

There are a number of museums located throughout the city of Mysore. The biggest is definitely the National Museum of Natural History, while other museums include the Folk Art Museum, Rail Museum and Oriental Research Institute. The Natural History Museum takes visitors back through Mysore past, so that can see the hardships and influences Mysore has experienced.

Although the hike is not for the faint hearted, visiting the Chamundi Hills is an afternoon that won't be forgotten any time soon. At the top of the mountain is a temple that is devoted to the Goddess Chamundi, and there are several fascinating relics located there for visitors to experience. Certainly one of the highlights of the town of Mysore.

The St Philomena's Church is a beautiful structure designed in a medieval architectural style. Similar to those found in European cities, the St Philomena's Church is the most extravagant church in India, and quite an important symbol for local Christians too.
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