How to Select a Chaise Lounge

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    • 1). Find a place in your home to put the chaise lounge you select. This will affect the type of chaise lounge you choose. For example, bedroom chaise lounges tend to be more plush than living room chaise lounges.

    • 2). Keep the space you're placing the chaise lounge in mind as you select. The chaise lounge needs to be able to fit comfortably within the space.

    • 3). Match your chaise lounge design and color to the décor of the room you're placing it in. The upholstery and overall style should complement the room. You may use a bright pop of color, such as red or burgundy, if the room is neutral, or stick with a neutral tone or slight pattern if you need something more subtle.

    • 4). Consider the features you want. If you plan to use it for lounging often, a softer, more plush upholstery might be a good choice. The base of the chaise lounge can be made of hardwood for added durability, and it can be extra wide to accommodate two people.

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