Intelligent Life On Other Worlds; What Will They Look Like?

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Life on other worlds is a given agree most intellectual humans.
Intelligent life therefore would also be a given.
But what would other intelligent life look like and does it matter since they would be intelligent in nature, who cares what they look like, as we need to meet them and hope they can help us in our own advancement of sciences.
This is a fascinating topic indeed and it was recently brought up in an online think tank when one guest member stated; "Depending on the environment an intelligent species evolved in, they could have more than two arms (almost certainly a multiple of 2, though, and not likely more than this unless they are something like evolved arthropods.
" This is an interesting point indeed and we know that life has symmetry, yet we also see other life on Earth with more than two-limbs in combinations, a star fish has five right? Geometrically and symmetrically speaking this is also a possibility, yet our thinker has a very good point; especially if the patterns of life in the Universe follow certain known symmetrical shapes and designs? Our guest thinker goes on to state; "Alternately, though, they could have extended and enlarged spines, should then be vertabrates.
They will most likely have an upright walking appearance - whether they have multiple legs or not - with a vertical "torso" or mid-section from which the manual appendages will be attached to.
" This is another good point although indeed we should not get too overly ego-centric in Earth Species when imagining life on other planets should we? Perhaps we must consider all these factors and give it some more thought.
So, think on this in 2006.
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