Five Necessary Elements of Website Optimization

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Title and URL of a website Title, which can not be changed randomly, is considered as the appearance of a website.
If you want to optimize your site, you should firstly optimize the title.
Besides, website URL is also important.
Generally speaking, shorter URLs are better than longer ones.
If someone has got a three or four words in his URL, that can be perfectly normal.
But when the URL gets a little longer, it starts to look a little worse.
Shorter URLs are also easy to remember.
Content and external links of a website The content of a site is important to search engine spiders.
As most search engines prefer to original and regularly updated contents, you should make sure that your website content is original and updated regularly.
Besides, external links can bring many people to your website.
Therefore, you should add external links as many as you can.
Key words of a website Selecting key words for a site is much more important.
You should choose the key words which are related to your site and searched by many people.
Do not choose the words which receive little attention.
If you choose them as your website key words, I am sure the network traffic will not be ideal.
Usage of tools Keyword search tool, keyword ranking tool, Page Rank tool and Alexa Ranking tool, these are the SEO tools used by most SEO experts.
If you want to optimize your website better, you should be familiar with these tools which are helpful to your site.
Personality element Optimizing a website is a difficult task.
You should repeat the same work every day.
So you must be prepared psychologically, trust yourself and insist on optimizing.
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