Successful Hydroponic Herb Garden

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A hydroponic garden is a simple cultivation method, is as simple as a plant in a pot filled with sand.
What a hydroponic garden needs is water and nutrients so that the plant can grow.
Hydroponics is a good choice for growing herbs and spices in urban environments where land and more specifically the land of good quality are scarce.
To use this hydroponic technique you will need: 1.
Nutrient solution for hydroponic cultivation 2.
Plastic container 3.
Seeds of your choice 4.
Sunny spot 5.
Sand and rice husks (enough to fill half the container) Once you have all these items it's time to prepare the hydroponic garden.
First open holes in the bottom of the container with a soldering iron or something similar.
This is to help drain the nutrient solution.
Then plant each seed (at a depth equal or less than the diameter of the seed).
Consider planting as a maximum 2 plants per square centimeter.
Next you have to moisturize the sand (add water until it starts to drip through the holes in the container below).
Cover with a plastic and leave it under direct light.
Once the seeds have germinated, you have to remove the plastic, water the sand with the nutrient solution and put it under sunlight.
Water every two days with the nutrient solution.
You can make a hydroponic herb garden and grow plants such as oregano, coriander, thyme, parsley, bay leaf, mint.
There are several advantages on using this type of garden.
For example, it´s not a common thing the attacks of insects that usually thrive in soil, or diseases caused by soil microorganisms.
This means that you will have a small need for insecticides and fungicides.
The plants are more organic.
It's easy to adapt in any space and you can take benefit from its scale economy.
Enjoy the hydroponic herb gardening!
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