Statue Molds That Are Easy to Use

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You may only want a statue for your garden, or you may be in the business of selling statues for the home and garden improvement market.
Whatever your needs you are going to want the highest quality statues possible, and they only come from the best molds on the market.
A statue can be a beautiful addition to your garden, but a poorly constructed mold can leave a great deal of cleanup work needing to be done, and an unattractive final product.
The high quality molds sold at statuarymolds meet our most exacting standards to ensure that the finished result is a joy to behold.
Concrete statues need not remain the plain, gray color of the basic concrete.
Stains can be applied to change the color before an effective concrete sealant is applied.
The sealant protects your statue from picking up unwanted stains and from the effects of the weather, but the color does not last forever, instead fading over a number of years.
This can then be reapplied, giving you the chance to change the look of your statue by using a different color.
The stain color can not be changed it is for life however it will fade some with time.
For the salesman, the uniqueness of our molds ensures that you will have an unusual product that will not be buried by the competition.
Instead, it will help your customers stand out from the crowd, allowing you to set your prices at a rate that you think is warranted, rather than just a price low enough to beat the competition.
Yours will be a statue worth buying.
The high quality of the mold, including the fact that the supporting legs that statuarymolds fit are metal instead of wood-and hence are stronger and more durable-means that you are purchasing a mold that will last you for a long time.
This will allow you to create a range of statues to meet the needs of your customer-or of yourself if creating these works of art for your own garden.
The mold liner is equally impressive.
Created from thick Cementex latex, they are durable and built to last.
Commercial customers especially are likely to appreciate the efforts that we have gone to, to make the process of using our molds as easy as possible.
For this we have used large bolts with wing nuts to make opening and closing the molds as easy as possible and tight seams mean that little or no clean up is needed of excess material from the finished statue.
Furthermore, we have ensured that the fiberglass mother mold is as smooth as possible on the outside to make it both easy to clean after use, and also easy to handle.
Though statues are a specialty, they are not the only mold that statuarymolds sell.
The full range includes molds for benches, stepping stones, pavers, concrete edging and also bird baths.
All produced to the highest standard, and with ease of use and beautiful appearance in mind.
We aim to ship all orders within five working days to ensure that you can soon be up and running, using your new mold.
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