How to Become a Basic EMT

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    • 1). Explore EMT training courses at a community college. Many community colleges offer a basic EMT course. Register for a basic EMT course. A prospective student must be at least 18 years old. Also to register for a basic EMT course, a person should have an up to date CPR certification.
      While in the course a student learns how to use emergency equipment like suction devices, backboards and stretchers. Also students learn ambulance operation and how to respond to such medical situations such as heart attacks, bleeding, poisoning, asthma attack, choking, seizure, childbirth, difficulty breathing, and dehydration.

    • 2). Complete the requirements of the basic EMT course. Training varies but, on average, the requirements to complete a course is about 120 hours of training.

    • 3). Become licensed to become a basic EMT. Check with your state to see what procedures are for earning licensure. In each state, certification requirements vary (See reference 1). Many states require that you pass both a written test and a hands-on skills assessment test.

      Pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) examination in order to become licensed. The test is a computer-based exam that accesses the knowledge of a prospective EMT. The person should have the basic skills of helping in emergency situations prior to the patient going to the hospital.

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