Build That Lean Muscle You Have Been Trying to For Too Long

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Are you spending lots of time at the gym and not seeing the results you want?Do you read muscle magazines and get confused and overwhelmed?Are you feeling extremely frustrated and losing interest in your workouts?You need a program, a plan.
The key to a program is periodization, You also may doing the wrong workout.
Did you know the workout for a body builder will be totally different than an endurance athlete.
The focus on power, strength, hypertrophy (muscle growth) endurance and recovery will all be different for different kinds of athletes.
A program for someone trying to increase muscle size will be very different from that of a marathon runner (yes, runners as well as all endurance athletes need to strength train).
The reason for this is the needs of the muscles are different and the metabolic pathways for them are different.
Muscles don't know reps it is time under tension and recovery that needs to be looked at when developing a program.
Nutrition is also a major contributor to muscle gain.
Food is fuel so lets eat like that.
It is true that we work out more we need to eat more but we need to eat smart.
Not all carbs are created equal and important to eat the right ones.
Protein is necessary from appropriate sources like lean meats, low fat, no fat dairy and whey protein shakes.
Good fats are also important.
These include nuts, olive oil, and fish.
There is also a ration of these three things (carbs, protein, & fat) that is important to your nutrition.
In order to build the muscle you want it is absolutely necessary to have a program (plan) and the proper nutrition.
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