What To Do With Your Unneeded Moving Boxes

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You packed.
You moved.
You unpacked.
Now all those boxes are sitting there, empty, taking up space, getting in your way.
Moving boxes are great-when you're moving-but afterward, the only purpose they seem to serve is filling up the trashcan.
There are a few alternatives to a landfill, however, so before you send those boxes to the curb, consider these options.
Good, quality moving boxes are expensive, and it's a shame to just throw them away.
Businesses such as Eco Boxes will take those unwanted boxes off your hands and sell them at a greatly reduced price, saving the consumer money and saving the environment at the same time.
Eco Boxes provides pick-up service if you have large quantities of boxes, and will either pay you a few cents for each box (those pennies add up when you have a lot of boxes!) or they will donate that money and match it penny for penny to charity.
They will also accept packing paper, so you won't have to throw that away, either.
Another option is to list your moving boxes in a newspaper want ad, or on a website such as Craigslist, which allows you to list an ad for free and target your local area.
There are always people looking for boxes, so pass your unneeded ones along and help a fellow mover while at the same time keeping those boxes from cluttering up the garbage bin.
You can either list your boxes in your own ad or check the "wanted" section for ads specifically looking for boxes.
Someone will be more than happy to give your boxes a new home! Of course, some boxes are beyond reusing, so if that's the case, recycling is your next best bet.
Many cities offer curbside recycling services, so check with your waste management office to find out their policies (most require that the boxes be broken down and stacked flat for pick-up).
If recycling service is something that isn't available in your neighborhood, don't give up!There will undoubtedly be a recycling center nearby that accepts cardboard.
Finding and using one is just a matter of checking the phonebook or the internet and then hauling the boxes to their location.
Remember, one person's trash is another's treasure.
So reuse and recycle, and get those bulky boxes out of your way!
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