How to Snap a Chalk Line on Floor Tile

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    • 1). Measure one edge of the floor, and find and mark the middle of the span. Do the same on the edge on the other side of the room.

    • 2). Have your assistant hold the end of the chalk line on one of the marks. Stretch the line across the floor to the other mark. Pull it tightly, holding it against the floor.

    • 3). Reach as far forward on the string as you can, while still holding it down to the mark at the end. Grab the string between your thumb and forefinger, and pull it straight up. Let it snap back down; it will leave a chalk mark across the middle of the floor.

    • 4). Measure the two remaining edges of the floor, and stretch the string between them as before. Don't snap it yet. Lay a carpenter's square at the intersection of the first line and the string, with the square lined up on the first line. Adjust the string so it is lined up with the other arm of the square (even if that takes it off the marks that you made).

    • 5). Snap the second line, after adjusting it with the square. The floor should now be divided into four squares, with an intersection at the center. Start tiling from the middle.

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