Talk Dirty To Me: How to Get It by Giving It Good - A Guide for Men, By a Woman

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Guys, I think you all can agree that a little dirty talk from your lady will get you going. But what is the best way to encourage her to join in the fun? To get the ball rolling? If you want to get her to talk dirty to you, you should start the conversation yourself. Get the dialogue started, and encourage her to join in. Like oral sex, dirty talk should be reciprocal. If you give it good, you'll get it in return.

Here's some step-by-step pointers:

Start outside of the bedroom. You want to turn her on and build the anticipation long before you hit the sheets. Tell her how sexy she is, all of the naughty things that you want to do to her, and how good she makes you feel. Be specific. €I love when you wear that dress. It looks so sexy on you, it drives me crazy. I just want to take you home and do naughty things to you.€ Don't be too graphic at this point - save that for later. Tell her how much she turns you on, how you can never get enough, how much you have been thinking about her, how much you want her. Remind her that she is the object of your desires - that's what we want!

Keep in mind that you men are usually turned on by more graphic and explicit talk than we are. Keep it softer, especially at this point. Tease her. Get her engine running early on, and then take her home and fulfill all of your promises. If you get her revved up enough, she'll be ready to go when you get her home.

Whisper in her ear. Remember, you are sharing a secret with her. Keep it mysterious. This is especially important when you are starting in public. If you're at dinner, tell her that you want to skip dessert, because she's all the dessert that you need. If you're at a stuffy work party, whisper to her all of the things you could be doing that would be more fun.

Work on your voice. Instead of using your regular conversational voice, drop it down an octave or two. We find a low growl incredibly sexy. Keep it low and quiet.

Ask her what she wants. Don't underestimate the power of asking a question. She will have to speak up to answer you. Encourage her when she does. Ask her how it feels when you touch her, what she wants you to do to her, what position she wants you in. Tell her how sexy it is to hear her tell you what she wants. €Mmmmm, I love it when you tell me what to do. It turns me on so much to hear it.€ We often feel silly talking dirty. Show us that it works, and we will feel much more comfortable getting explicit.

Judge her reactions to the questions you ask her. If you are stroking her side while you whisper that you want to be licking every inch of her body, how does she respond? Does she stiffen and become tense? Does she relax and breathe harder? Ask her what she likes, and ask her to tell you what she wants you to do to her. Follow her instructions.

Once you're in the bedroom, describe what's going on. What is she doing to you, and how does it feel? Again, be specific. €Your body is so sexy, I love the way you make me feel. It turns me on to hear your moans, your gasping breath.€ All women want to be wooed and this is your time to make us feel good. Stroke our egos. At this point, you can get more graphic, as the action heats up. €Your pussy feels so good around my cock. I love how wet you get. I love it when you fuck me. You make my cock so hard.€ Provide a narration of events, and direct the action with your voice. Tell her what you want, and how good it feels. €I love it when you ride me. I want you on top of me. It makes me cum so hard.€

By this point, she should start following your lead. If she's self-conscious, give her lots of positive feedback so that she knows what she's doing is working. If you skip this part, she may clam up before you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

And finally, practice makes perfect. You may feel silly at first, so try doing it solo, and practice your voice, what you are going to say, and work to perfect your phrasing. If you have a video capable camera or smartphone, record what you are saying and play it back. This may help to fine tune your thoughts. Knowing your partner is the key and you may find that opening this dialogue in the bedroom can make for great times elsewhere as well. Most importantly, be respectful, be safe and have fun.
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