IT Outsourcing - Why Would You Want it?

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Considering outsourcing? Well, with offshore outsourcing taking quite a big shape in the recent years, no doubt you too want to make the best use of it.
But before you do so, what is it about IT outsourcing that makes it such big deal and why would you want to do it for your company? Let's have a look at a few reasons why outsourcing your IT work can be a great way to scale your business and add value to it.
Reasons to go for IT outsourcing services:
  • When you have an IT service provider working for you, you can surely count on their long years of experience in respective fields.
    This not only helps them to tailor the perfect solution for your requirement but also understand the scope of your project perfectly.
  • The best thing about IT service providers is the rigorous business process that they follow.
    They not only keep a strict tab on the project expenditure but also plan a formal budget to manage smooth execution of the project.
    This not only reduces your overall expenditure but also helps to manage IT efficiently.
  • One thing you can be more than sure about outsourcing, is the quality of service.
    The main reason behind this is the risk of loss that the providers fear.
    You have to understand, IT service providers are running a business, which demands efficient work force and effective work structure.
    This is the reason why, the work they deliver is usually of highest quality.
    Milestone based development module and multiple testing ensures that the final product delivered is bug free.
    The service provider strives to deliver the best quality service not only because he wants the profit, but also you, as a repeat client.
  • Offshore IT service providers keep their technical team updated with the latest technologies ruling the market.
    Their familiarity with the latest technologies and industry standards help you get the best in industry but ensure that your system is built on the best industry practices to survive tough competitions.
  • Once you have outsourced your IT requirements to some offshore service provider, you can relax and focus on major important aspects of your company.
    Most of the companies don't deal with IT effectively, the reason being it is not the core competency for their business.
    This is the reason why outsourcing is a better alternative for them, as this way their job is taken care of.
  • Outsourcing is a great way to gain access to special skills and knowledge related to the field.
    As mentioned above, IT service providers work with experienced professionals who have the knowledge of latest technologies and industry standards.
    This practice of the service providers helps them to build teams of specialists according to technical skills, which helps the outsourcing companies in the end.
  • Most of the IT service providers offer your 24*7 services.
    That is you can contact them throughout the day.
    This not only makes it easier for you to resolve all your IT concerns but also get 24 hours support.
  • If you don't like the way your IT service provider is working, you can change it and go for another one.
With all the positive aspects of offshore outsourcing, there are few risks involved in the process, which can not be ignored at all.
Like, you must go for a trustworthy vendor or your business can suffer quite a loss.
Here are some common guidelines you should follow before going for any IT service provider.
  • To start with, you must be registered with some reliable bidding portal, which is known for its authenticity.
    Bidding sites are a great platform to get the right provider for your project, and in case of disputes with the providers, be assured; the site authority will take up the matter.
  • Once you decide upon a provider, perform a thorough check on his background.
    Talk to his previous clients and get a feedback on him.
    Check his previous work samples and status of the projects.
    Once, you're convinced of the provider's skills and authenticity, take matters forward.
  • When it comes to project milestones and payment terms, make sure you have documents for every single agreement and all the details of work done and payments made.
  • While getting a website or application done for your business or company, make sure no vital information about your organization is passed on to the providers.
    If you have to give out certain information to get the work done, make sure you have the NDA and confidential agreement signed with the provider.
  • Keep regular track of the developments and progresses made in the project.
  • Before the project handover, make sure all your requirements are met and all aspects of the project are working perfectly.
    In case of bugs, get back to the provider and get the problems fixed.
  • The last step is the payment.
    Once the payment has been done, make sure you have a receipt document signed by the provider and that there is no issue pending that needs to be resolved.
    Full and final settlement is what you must aim for.
    If you wish to start another project with the provider, make a fresh start.
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