How to Reset the Oil Change Light on Your 2003 BMW 530I

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    • 1). Insert the key in the 530i's ignition. Press and hold the "Start/Stop" button, without pressing the brake or clutch. Release the "Start/Stop" button when the service reminder light goes out.

    • 2). Press and hold the odometer reset stalk immediately after the service indicator light goes out. After holding the stalk for about three seconds, a warning triangle will appear on the instrument cluster. Continue holding the reset stalk for two to three seconds and watch for an oil can to appear on the instrument cluster. Release the odometer reset stalk.

    • 3). Check the LCD display on the instrument cluster to see that the "Service Menu" shows. If not, repeat the process from Step 1.

    • 4). Twist the end of the turn signal stalk up or down until you reach "Oil Life" in the service menu.

    • 5). Press and release the "BC" button on the turn signal stalk until "Reset" appears on the instrument cluster LCD screen.

    • 6). Press and hold the "BC" button for about three seconds, or until a whirling clock icon appears, indicating the system is reset.

    • 7). Remove the key from the ignition.

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