Aquarian Age Means Updating Astrology

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Now that our Solar System has orbited a full 30 degrees around our Galactic Sun, we start a new Age.
The Age of Aquarius, and we now have another full 30 degrees to orbit.
This will take our Solar System approximately 2000 years.
We, as a Solar System and a thin layer of organic life, called Humanity, on the this third planet from the Sun, have never been in this part of the Galaxy before.
We really don't know what to expect, except that the new Space - Time - Energy - Matter (S.
M) configuration of this New Age (Aquarius) will be different from the previous S.
) This means that all the millions upon millions of words written about Astrology over the past 2000 years (Pisces) were written when the whole Solar System was moving through a 30 degree arc around the Galactic Sun, dominated by a Water Sign.
Now we will be orbiting around the Galactic Sun dominated by an Air Sign.
How can we possibly use the words written about a child born in the sign of Sagittarius, in the third house, subtly dominated by the Piscean (water) energies of the Age, for a child born now.
A child born now in the sign of Sagittarius in the third house will be subtly dominated by the Aquarian (air) energies of the Age.
A science as exact as Astrology, cannot possibly use the outdated Piscean descriptions for the new Aquarian age.
A new library of Astrological books need to be written.
But that will take two things.
First a deeper understanding of the new paradigm of the Age of Aquarius and time.
The great Polish mathematician, Lord Alfred Korzybski, founder of "General Semantics" in his great work "Science and Sanity", made a very powerful point about the written word.
He said when someone writes an article or a book about Science he/she should preface their book this way: "This is what I know or believe about the following subject as of July 11, 2009.
It is not carved in stone for it may change tomorrow.
" All that has been written about Astrology has not been carved in stone.
And it has changed.
Tomorrow being the New Age of Aquarius.
What are we to do about this wonderful and ancient Science of Astrology? Get back to basics.
Get back to the level of abstraction called "energies" and sway from the level of abstraction called "words.
" If we must use words then we must communicate with the least amount of words possible.
Let us learn to talk and write about the energies of the Signs, the Planets, and the Houses.
Let us teach Humanity how to "Be Still.
" Let us learn to shut out the clamor of the outside world of WORDS, WORDS, WORDS.
We must get quiet and learn how to perceive and actually feel the energies of the movement of the Heavens within themselves.
Our world, our reality is not made up of words, but ENERGIES.
We do not live, move and have our being within an infinite, intelligent "WORD.
" No, we live move and have our being within an infinite, intelligent energy Ocean called "God.
" Let us start over.
Let us go back to the Solar chart, which is an exact energy matrix of the Heavens for any particular day.
Let us teach our children and students how to fully understand the energies of the Solar Chart and how these energies affect their individual energy field called their LIFE.
Use less words.
The answers to all life's problems lie in energies not words.
The Age of Aquarius has brought us a new paradigm of energies.
Let us get back to the basics to understand it.
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