How to Surface Mount Exterior Shutters

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    • 1). From inside, measure the height of your windows. Note any tight spaces between your windows and obstructions, such as soffits or roof lines.

    • 2). Determine shutter size and style
      Shutters should match the height of the window or the trim that they border. Wider shutters look more like functional shutters, which are built to cover half of each window.
      Some popular shutter styles are: louvered, raised panel, board and batten or louver and panel combinations.

    • 3). Mounting Exterior Shutters
      Set up your extension ladder safely, on level ground and clear of hydro wires.
      Select the proper drill bit for your fastening screws or plugs (if provided), considering whether you will be drilling into wood or brick.
      With your cordless drill, a pencil and measuring tape in your tool belt, carry one pre-drilled exterior shutter up the ladder with you beside the window.
      Measure 1 inch out from the window trim and mark the wall or siding at the top and bottom of the window.
      Center your shutter on the window trim, lining up with the 1-inch marks. Hold it in place.
      Mark the four (or six) holes in the shutter on the exterior wall with your pencil, directly behind the holes, without moving the shutter.
      Remove the shutter and drill holes straight into the siding or brickwork where you've marked. For brickwork, you should drill 1/4-inch holes and insert plastic anchors for your screws.
      Replace your shutter, lining up with the holes that you've drilled. Start one or two slightly, before tightening all the screws or hammering all the plugs into place. Be careful not to overtighten your fasteners, which may damage your shutters.
      Apply caps over screws (if supplied).
      Repeat the above steps with the rest of your shutters. Make sure all your shutters are straight and evenly spaced, for a neat, professional look.

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