Snoring In Children

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Is snoring hereditary? If both mom and dad snore, does that make you a snorer too? Children waking up from the noisy snoring of their parents are common in a lot of households.
But how about if the parents are the one awakened by their children's snoring? Some people may find it cute to hear their children make sleep sounds.
While some of them are drifting off to a deep slumber and are perfectly healthy, some may not be as lucky.
Snoring in children, as with those in adults, can be a health issue as well.
Whether we like it or not, there are children who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
So how do we know if they're healthy snorers or if they have sleep apnea? It is not difficult to assess snoring in children.
Those suffering from sleep apnea may have interrupted sleep, may gasp and have short stops in breathing.
Snoring in children has been associated with other behavioral problems as well.
Those who have sleep apnea are said to have shorter attention span and are the ones who encounter problems in school.
Other symptoms would include: enlarged tonsils with nasal speech, overweight/obesity, and high blood pressure.
There are many reasons for snoring in children.
One of the culprits is the seasonal allergies.
Make sure you know what triggers your child's allergies as these make their nose clogged up causing them to snore while sleeping.
A blocked airway or nasal passage often due to cold or sinusitis can also cause snoring in children.
Deviatedseptum, or that tissue and the cartilage dividing the two nostrils, may be curved.
If not fixed or straightened out, snoring in children with this condition will persist because this does not allow them to breathe as easily.
Enlarged tonsils as well as adenoids can also result to snoring in children.
The adenoid is a gland that can be found near the insides of the nasal passage.
Together with the tonsils, they catch bacteria, making them swollen for most of the time.
Because of this, snoring in children occurs.
Obesity and too much weight cause the air passages to narrow.
That is why snoring in children as well as in adults happen to those with weight problems.
Snoring in children is a big health concern because it has been said to cause hyperactivity.
Aside from the diseases that coexist with snoring, attention issues are linked with snoring in children.
So even if sometimes it is cute to see and hear our kids snore, this doesn't always mean they are having a good night's sleep.
Before long, those sounds won't be as cute as it was the first time we heard it.
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