How to Use a Permit Sample Contract

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    • 1). Teach yourself how to write a contract and interpret its provisions. This can be a useful skill if you are in the business of granting or receiving permits. The permit contract will contain common "boilerplate" provisions that those who contract regularly are accustomed to seeing. For example, most contracts have a "termination" provision which governs the procedure and consequences for terminating the agreement. Read several sample permit contracts to get a feel for less common, but equally as effective, provisions that others may have left out.

    • 2). Use the sample permit contract to teach students about contracts. Although law school students are required to take a first year course in the fundamentals of contracts, you may be teaching students at the undergraduate, community college or high school level. Have students examine the sample contract to become familiar with contract language, construction and common provisions.

    • 3). Modify the sample permit contract to use between you and another party. Make sure that you read and understand every provision of the contract. You should consult legal counsel for help in modifying the contract, as counsel will know what provisions will offer you the most protection in the event that an unforeseen circumstance happens. For example, the document should address the consequences of breaching the contract. Once you have a contract properly drafted, be sure that all parties have read and understand the contract. Have them sign and notarize an original copy of the document. Create originals for all parties by signing as many copies as there are parties to the contract.

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