What Does The Future Hold For Dubai In Terms Of Jobs?

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The past is another country, they say. Gone are the days when Dubai of old was reminiscent of a sleepy fishing village on the shores of the Gulf. In fact many of us marvel and wince at these stories and their tellers, as we look around at the megapolis today. Hailed as one of the worlds most recognizable cities, and temporary home to the millions of expatriate workers that have contributed to its ongoing growth and progress, Dubai is a shining star of modernity, with all of the worlds sought after amenities being a part of the landscape. Take the Burj ul Arab, undeniably the worlds most opulent hotel, or Asia-Asia, the planned largest hotel facility in the world in terms of accommodation. Yes, Dubai is a country of superlatives, and the rulers and investors in this Emirate want to attract visitors from all over the world. Is it any wonder that Dubai in a busy season has among the highest rates of hotel occupancy in the world?
All this is fine, but what does it means in terms of job opportunities dubai and job opportunities in uae as a whole. Invariably, people flock to Dubai because of its openness and its cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is said that 90 percent of Dubais population is expatriate, at one time numbering over 3.62 million, compared to just 864,000 or so locals. The rulers and the Government of this emirate had envisaged Dubai as a continuing tourist attraction, a summer escape for expatriates and a playground of different attractions and events. In recent times, Dubai has also been hailed as an international convention center of repute, replete with ready facilities.
But the recent recession in the US and Europe has also left its mark in dubai, halfway across the world. With construction fueling growth and expatriate job opportunities, many had taken a chance to make their fortunes here. Now however it appears that the economy is stagnant, even receding, as loads of expatriates have taken their leave. Notwithstanding this action, another lot of hopefuls enter Dubai every day. Unemployment and poverty in their home countries makes them want to take this step. Some of them have paid agents a lot of money to get them here, and now have to pay off these debts. Arranged employment is best but could also be risky unless there is a signed contract. There are a plethora of job sites and vacancies can even be posted on shop windows at short notice. People take notice of jobs opportunities abu dhabi, job vacancies abu dhabi, job sites dubai, job openings dubai, job vacancies uae, job sites abu dhabi and a whole lot of other sites for uae job openings .

Even with the recent cooling off of activity on a large scale, job websites dubai and others like job websites abu dhabi lead the list of uae job websites and uae job listings when it comes to job vacancies dubai. In the absence of any response from jobs dubai jobseekers invariably try out jobs abu dhabi as it is the capital city of this Emirate and there may be other opportunities there. We have not seen the end of this race yet.
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